Lenten season once again, and accordingly as was and is the traditional belief and practice of the pious and devotees in us, no meat, please. Shun away from meaty pleasures, of fleshy indulgence, whatever that is.  Be contented with veggies. And fish is just okay. So fish be it, fish be with us, let's have a fishy Lent.

And this is palileng (a,k,a birut, bukto, bunog; actually palileng is grown or overgrown bunog, mullet or goby), right from Gonzaga, Cagayan's pristinely famous Pateng River, home to rare freshwater fish like palileng and kampa.

This is a nilingta or steamed palileng, literally cooked with its own fat with vinegar, onions, garlic, ginger, black peppercorns, a little salt:

This is a previous tomato-soured nilingta a bunog/birut, smaller in size (for comparative purposes with the larger palileng):

Palileng, palileng, nagraman, nagnanam, nagtaba, ayna, nakaim-imas! Let's have a Lenten feast!

And it's not just fat palilengs, this is my actual labay, on my feast--oppss, sorry, there's a meat here, raw flesh even, but at least it's a majority of Lenten-friendly palatables: kappukan a baka, steamed padaw, adobo a pusit, sinigang a malaga, and ensalada nga ubog ti way:



  1. tibek...dayta met awag mi idyay Alilem, Ilocos Sur...ti rama mi ket inurnos nga batbato nga kasla agaramid ka balay ti lames idyay karayan nga pinakrisan tapno agserbi a protection tapos buraken no addan makabulan wenno depende kabayag na babaen iti inut inot nga panang-ikkat kadagiyay batbato nga nasukloban iti fish net nga ti awag mi tabukol....so, amin ton nga lames nga nagbalay maala amin ta natrap dan....

    agbiag ti Ilokano! napintas a kultura!

  2. Nagimas man etoy...makapalagip idi naudi bakasyon ko.
    Nagmayat man agbasa kastoy nga blog aglalo nu ammom nga ilokano..

    Ilokano nak met nga agba blog, ket infollow ko etoy.

    So keep on posting..

    Agbiag amin nga ilokano...


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