dinengdeng, glorious dinengdeng!

I'm a typical Ilokano who can't live without dinengdeng, come share my passion...

various authentic, exotic, ilokano pinakbets

Concoction or variations of this kind of exotic Ilokano dish, of this ever ubiquitous vegetable stew...

sinanglaw? paksiw? which?

What do you prefer, Vigan-sinanglaw or Laoag-paksiw? What about pinapaitan and singkutsar?

unnok/ginukan, freshwater shellfish

Want some unnok soup or ginukan bugguong?

baradibud a tugi, lesser yam vegetable stew

Tugi, for some, is only meant to be boiled and eaten simply as is. But for me, it's an indispensable ingredient for yet another hearty Ilokano dish...


dinengdeng a sabong ti karabasa ken kabatiti, squash flower & sponge gourd

This is one most favorite Ilokano dish, a dinengdeng consisting a flower and a fruit and that's all that matter. Karabasa. Kabatiti. These two bring forth sweetness, literally sweet from the blossom's floral nectarines (that's nectar, honey!), and the pod's natural sugars in there. Sweetness that is further enhanced and defined by the Ilokano bugguong to concoct a unique dinengdeng broth so delicious, rich, comforting. 

The cooking:

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More dinengdengs: