more platefuls of ilokano dishes, labay 2

And here's more of the plates of Ilokano dishes I enjoyed. Back from previous sumptuous labays... (click on the photos for a larger view):

Pakbet/paksiw a saluyot (also called tinimtiman a saluyot), and boiled mung beans with young langka.

Various sea fishes cooked dry in vinegar (nilingta nga ikan).

Pako salad, grilled yellow fin tuna, grilled okra, and grilled sili (sweet pepper).

Pinapaitan a nuang (carabao) with lots of chili.

Pako salad and dinengdeng a marunggay.

Pinapaitan a baka.

Rabong and saluyot with dried fish.

Fattened rasa (mud crabs) from Buguey, Cagayan, and pako salad.



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