saluyot & tarong

What to do with these? Saluyot and tarong. And this tarong, the "white" variety (actually green but called "puraw a tarong") which is somewhat rare and not usually available every market time, and which is good for some simple tarong dishes.
Saluyot ken tarong.
(click on photo for a larger view)
First with the tarong, I want it fried (prito a tarong) as this variety of eggplant is perfect for frying as it is rather huge and its flesh is soft, tender. I sliced it length-wise into thin strips, sprinkled some Pasuquin salt on the slices and deep fried it quickly in boiling cooking oil, when done I drained its oil and served it with bugguong squeezed with calamansi. Delicious for breakfast, or even for lunch or dinner. (Click on photos for a larger view.)

The next meal time, I made a dinengdeng a saluyot ken tarong with fried tilapia:

And lastly, when only some few saluyot stalks are left, I decided on a pinakbet or paksiw a saluyot (also caled "tinimtiman a saluyot") with dried fish as sagpaw (add-on):
Dried fish from Santa Ana, Cagayan.
I boiled a minimal amount of water with the bugguong. I put in the dried fish fist and let it boil. Simmered, then I put in some onions and Ilocos garlic (from Pinili, Ilocos Norte at that!), the the saluyot. When it's almost done, I added a few drops of vinegar (luckily I still have apple cider left), cooked it some more, and then it's ready. Cooked it almost dry, with just a little thick broth for a tasty labay



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  2. pinakbet a saluyot,inabraw nga adda saluyot na,uray ana,makapabisin latta,thanks sa mga kabayan na nagse share sa mga recipes nila!!!!!!!!

  3. pangasinanse ako, pero gusto ko, naglalaway ako. thanks for the recipe. I'll cook this.