daludal, sagibsib, taro shoots/suckers

Paksiw (inalseman) a daludal.

Aba (gabi, taro), besides its preferred leaves and stems, and its inevitable bagas (corm), is also an important vegetable specially among Ilokanos because of its daludal (or sagibsib, also sammimit), the shoot or sucker which grows from the corm. It can be consumed as regular veggie and can be in the company of other leafy greens and veggie fruits for a delicious and hearty dinengdeng, prized for its slimy texture akin to a saluyot. It can be cooked in coconut milk just like laing. Or as a solo dinengdeng with broth. Or as a paksiw or pakbet (soured), cooked dry.

Daludal for sale in a roadside talipapa.

Daludal being cleaned and readied for the next dinengdeng or paksiw.

Cleaned daludal ready for cooking.

Paksiw a daludal done. Cook it just like a dinengdeng, only, use a small amount of water boiled for the bugguong. Add-in crushed garlic, ginger, onions. And sour it with some drops of vinegar (don't put in too much vinegar). Or green mangoes, if available. Or pias (kamias). Or young tamarind fruit. That's it. Cook it well to prevent "itchiness" (just like the way you cook taro's leaves, stems, corm).



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