grilled/tinuno a sili/young chili

What I love about sili, the local chili or green young peppers, besides being made into a dry pakbet (pinakbet a sili, green chilis stewed dry in vinegar, bugguong, garlic and ginger) or as an ingredient in pinakbet or sinigang, is simply grilled, or broiled/roasted as you may prefer to call/term it.

Freshly picked green peppers, that's perfect for grilling. So one time, when my potted peppers are again promising some bountiful harvest, I picked some and prepared for yet another quick tinuno a sili appetizer.

I skewered the sili fruit with barbecue stick and just put it on over the fire. Grill it for a few minutes. Keep on turning the peppers to evenly cook it. Don't over grill it else it becomes wilted and lose its size, juiciness and texture.

And here's it with its usual partners, tomatoes and bugguong (onion slices would be a great garnish, too, to complete the fanous Ilokano KBL [kamatis, bugguong, lasona]):

Imasnan! The silis are sweet. Pick the older fruit if you want hot ones. Young fruit of the chili variety I planted is not yet hot but when more matured turn into spicy ones.

(Originally blogged January 21, 2010)


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