kilawen a bilis redux, sardine/herring ceviche

Bilis ceviche.

Bilis, the local sardine (or is it really herring?). It's always abundant and whenever it's freshly available, I always buy a kilo or a half for kilawen (as a ceviche). This fish is prized as a kilawen in most parts of the globe, anyway. Perfect as an appetizer, and great for pulutan (to go with drinks).

Freshly caught bilis for sale in Santa Ana, Cagayan.


Kilawen a bilis ready for a sumptous consumption. 
[See previous blog post on how to prepare bilis  kilawen]

Bilis ceviche with its buddies.



  1. I really love your entries brother Roy, not the usual food blog that just features the food photographed in restaurants then blog it! Yours are foods that depict the local culture and local living, I am also planning to convert my food blog this way in some degree. right now I am busy with my travel blog but I will make a big makeover for sure hehehe...

  2. Thank you! Please keep on posting! You are appreciated!