patani ken sabong-karabasa, lima beans and squash flowers stew

Yet another dinengdeng!  Yes, and this is a part of what would be a series of posts dedicated to the venerable Ilokano vegetable dish dinengdeng.

And this time, it's a medley of my favorite dinengdeng goods: sabong ti karabasa (squash flower) and patani (lima bean, also called java and burma bean), and with the ever-crisp pallang (winged bean).

The patani here is the white "flat bean" variety and not the rounded or "fragrant" ones. This is my favorite patani as its immature seeds are so sweet and its young pods is also good.

The beans are yet young and tender and so I don't need to peel off the seed's skin.

I boiled the beans first (in the bugguong broth) as it takes time for them to soften. When it's cooked or partially cooked, I added in the pallang. And then, a few minutes afterwards, the squash flower. The pallang and the sabong-karabasa should not be overcooked to retain sweetness, crispness and succulence.


  1. I'm so glad to have discovered your blog. You enrich my cookbook. I will try this dish this weekend. :-) thanks!

  2. makapa iliw ti ilocano foods nga talaga....