classic dinengdeng: rabong & saluyot

This is yet another rabong (bamboo shoot) cooking escapade, a continuation from previous various rabong dishes I've made out of a big rabong I prepared and pre-boiled. We've got rabong salad and sautéed rabong, and now we have this--the most ubiquitous and most popular of all Ilokano rabong dishes:

Yeah, right, the famous dinengdeng duo: rabong & saluyot. It came to pass that in the Ilocoslovakia, a rabong can't go alone as a dinengdeng without saluyot (although, a solo saluyot inabraw can be tolerated at least). A solo rabong dinengdeng is kind of bland and miserable without its most trusted and most preferred partner.

And here's it, a two-some--sliced and cooked rabong ready and freshly picked saluyot leaves:

I just boiled some bugguong with some onion slices in it, and then I put in the rabong, simmered it for a few minutes and then I put in the saluyot, simmered until it's done:

This for me is the most delicious saluyot & rabong dinengdeng--simply just the two of them and no sagpaw or add-on of whatever fish grilled, broiled, fried or smoked. The classic Ilokano dish in all its essential goodness:

What more could you ask for? This simply is luxury, frugal but glorious:

But of course, rabong sometimes can live, too, without its beloved saluyot. I also tried partnering it with other leafy greens and veggies and it's equally sumptuous and phenomenal. Here, in a lovely variation, I used bulong ti sili, kalunay and utong fruit, and yes, I added a fried galunggong:



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