ginisa a rabong, sautéed bamboo shoot

Ginisa a rabong.
To continue my rabong cooking escapade,from the huge shoot that I prepared and boiled as base for lotsa more dishes, here’s one universal rabong favorite: ginisa a rabong, bamboo shoot sautéed in cooking oil with lots of garlic, onions, and (for me, lotsa) ginger. This is simple basic dish but like the rabong salad, it’s a certified appetizer with all the goodness of rabong’s flavor enhanced by its spices.

Note that ginisa a rabong is distinct (as far as I’m concerned, anyway) from that of adobo a rabong. The adobo version, although sautéed the same, has, of course, soy sauce, and vinegar. Ginisa a rabong is not laced with soy sauce but with salt only, or patis, or even bugguong. And my preferred ginisa a rabong has no vinegar because I don’t want it sour. If I want a soured rabong, I’ll make it instead into an achara (pickled bamboo shoot).

Here’s the precooked rabong being sautéed in cooking oil in lots of crushed garlic, sliced onions and crushed ginger. I add more ginger because I wanted the spicy zing of the ginger, I used native small ginger here because it’s spicier:

Add some salt or patis and keep on stirring the ginisa for the flavor and aroma to blend well with the rabong. I add some powdered pepper (cracked one is better, though) just before putting off fire. I also add a pinch of sugar just to resemble the sweetness of a ginettaan a rabong. Just a little sugar to sweeten it a bit (this is optional, others might not want a sweetish ginisa a rabong, but for me I want it sweet than being sour [vinegar added]):

And here’s it, my hot, spicy and sweet ginisa a rabong, bring in your newly steamed rice, and let’s partake this bamboo delight:



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