octopus adobo

Kurita. Octopus. At its freshest state of being, freshly caught and brought out from the sea, kurita is priceless for its sweet succulence. I chanced upon a kurita in the local wet market one Sunday morning. I decided to make it into an adobo a kurita, one of the most common dish made with octopuses and squids.

Wash the kurita thoroughly. Cut it in bite size. Discard the innards, spare some of the ink sac to be used to thicken and "blacken" the adobo.

I cooked it just like like what an adobo should be. But because this is not the usual pork or chicken or beef meat, I had to saute the garlic (browned) and onions (caramelized) first in cooking oil, And then I briefly stir fried the cut kurita, poured in some ink, some soy sauce, some vinegar and some cracked peppers. Cooking kurita should be quick, get it done with a few stirs. Do not overcooked or the kurita becomes like a hard rubber/plastic. Cook it as fast as possible to retain its soft texture and sweetish freshness.

I made mine thicker with more ink. You can moderate thickness or blackness by the amount of ink you put in. I think I made it with more ink as this looks like a dinardaraan (dinuguan, blood stew) than an adobo! Ha-ha!