dinengdeng/buridibod nga ube (puraw), white yam stew with veggies and fried fish

Buridibod/baradibud, still. That unique Ilokano vegetable dish suffused with tubers or roots, specifically yams and that of sweet potato (camote, kamotig, kamotit, or kaong). We've done it with tugi (lesser yam). Now, let's do it with yet another yam, a white yam commonly called "puraw nga ube" in Allacapan, Cagayan (puraw because it's not lavender or violet as in purple yam, which is the popularly known ube [ube itself is the color purple/violet]). Whatever it is (I suspect it's buga, but I'm not keen with these wild Philippine yams), it's one perfect yam for buridibod:

The digging. This yam rooted itself deep down afoot a citrus tree in Brgy Tamboli, Allacapan, Cagayan:

See, it promises a really humongous root, with that slender vine into it, akin to a floating tiny tip of a giant iceberg:

And there it is, the hulk and bulk of a root, our white yam finally dug out for all to see (the smaller one is a separate part):

I contented myself with the smaller root, it will suffice a couple of good buridibods. I paired it with kalunay (native spinach, amaranth, kulitis), pallang, tarong and okra:

Preparing the ingredients to my buridibod. Peeling up, cutting up...

The yam simmering with fried tilapia heads atop to savor and bless it (I put in the quartered yam when the bugguong-flavored broth bubbled, with some sliced onions on the side):

Simmer until the yam is kind of tender, and then put in the veggies, tarong and pallang and okra first and then the kalunay atop. I topped it with another fried tilapia head just for the heck of it:

Cooking of the veggies should be quick, I don't want them wilted and soggy, I want them crisp as ever:

It's simple as that, the buridibod is done. I made it somewhat pulpy, taking advantage of its perfect starch, I mashed some cuts to make the broth thick and therefore rich and creamy. The fried tilapia has done justice for the dinengdeng to be more savory and tasty. Mangantayon! 

(Can't ge enough of puraw nga ube buridibud? Try my kamote buridibod or my tugi buridibod. And wait for my "ube nga ube"--purple yam--buridibod!)



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