more squash dinengdeng

Here are some more dinengdeng a karabasa (squash/calabash) from past cooking escapades. I am re-posting these photographs from my old blog and certain web forums (that explains the watermarks). I want you to take note of the "buto-buto" (that's the stamen, that resembles something, hence, the obvious name) in the flowers which I don't take out in the muri process (read my previous post on dinengdeng a karabasa). I took these shots with the seemingly ignored squash flower buto in prominence.

Squash flowers, stalks, shoots, fruit with utong pods.

And this one squash concoction show with confidence the versatility of this incredible veggie: that you can make a wholesome dinengdeng by combining one and/or all of its flower, tops, leaves, tendrils, stalks--young and tender ones, of course--and fruit, into one complete sumptuous Ilokano delicacy.

Squash flowers, stalks, shoots, and fruit with grilled bangus (milkfish).

And here's my favorite squash dish (photograph below), the pure and simple squash flower solo. No stalks/shoots/leaves, no fruit, nothing but the most edible of them all: the flower, just the flower picked fresh in the morning, sweating yet in cool dew droplets, no hot and harsh sunlight has glimpsed on it, not a bee or a butterfly has yet betrayed its sweetness, it's yours alone to pick and to cook with its pollen and nectar intact, and wallowing in its own honeyed juice, it's yours alone to devour and relish with pleasing gusto.

(Originally blogged May 21, 2008)


  1. Uray la nga makakatayak nga makasidsidaenen, laluna diay sabong ti karabasa.